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Credit Union

Click on the name of your credit union below.

Membership Selection

Choose 1 Year or Lifetime membership for the member


You will need to enter a temporary password for the member. The password must be a minimum of eight (8) characters in length and contain at least one number and one non-numeric character.  For example password01 or cumember123.


Please enter the member’s email address. If they do not have one, please enter ONLY this one: noemail@cuamember.org 


Leave that field as is.  It will auto-populate with your organization's name.

Other Questions 

The other questions on the page are not mandatory but if the member is with you, please have them answer the questions.

Membership Dues Screen

Member Information section will populate with member's address.

Billing Information will populate with your Credit Union's address. 

DO NOT CLICK THE BOX that says "Check here if the billing address is the same as the member address." because this will clear your credit union's address.

Payment Information

Select Bill to: Credit Union Name (your credit union's name will appear here)

Click "Submit Securely"

A popup will appear "You are about to submit a Bill to: (your credit union name) transaction in the amount of $5.00 (or $25.00).

Click Yes to submit the transaction

Member Record has been created and their invoice is listed under your credit union's account (sign in required to view).

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