Arizona Legislation

CUA’s membership in Arizona is growing. For that reason, we decided to begin providing members with information about legislation related to our mission that may be of interest to our members in Arizona. For full information about legislation in Arizona, please follow these links:
Arizona State Legislature Web site

List of your state representatives

These are some bills being considered in this session that might be of interest to consumers. We provide this for information purposes only. CUA does not lobby in the state of Arizona and has no position on these bills.

As of May 1, 2017

HB2071: Workforce Training; Unemployed workers
Establishes the Arizona Works Program within the Department of Economic Security to provide tuition waivers, housing assistance, on-the-job training and apprenticeship programs for "eligible persons" (defined) who have lost employment due to economic conditions. The Dept is required to administer the Program and develop application and selection criteria. Guidelines for tuition waiver scholarships and housing assistance vouchers are established based on the number of credit hours per semester in which the eligible person is enrolled and the median monthly rent of the county in which the person attends school. The Dept is authorized to accept grants, donations, contributions, gifts or other assistance from public or private sources to provide the tuition waiver scholarships and housing assistance vouchers. The Program terminates on July 1, 2027. Contains a legislative intent section.

Next Step:House Commerce Committee

Hearing Date: TBD

H2072: Manufactured Homes: Real Estate Transactions

The list of transactions where licensed real estate brokers and licensed real estate salesmen are exempt from the requirements of specified housing regulations is expanded to include transactions with respect to manufactured homes and mobile homes that are located in mobile home parks.

Next Step: Passed Senate committee, on to third reading

HB2073: Government deposits; investment; financial institutions
The list of authorized investments by various government entities is expanded to include deposits placed in accordance with the procedures prescribed in statutes governing the investment of government monies in deposits.

Next Step: Passed through committee, on to rules 

HB2124: Minimum wage; employee benefits; preemption

Counties and municipalities are prohibited from establishing a minimum wage that is more than the minimum wage established by statute. Contains a legislative intent section. Retroactive to November 1, 2016. Due to voter protection, this legislation requires the affirmative vote of at least 3/4 of the members of each house of the Legislature for passage.

Next Step: House Commerce Committee
Hearing Date: Not yet scheduled

HB2160: Annuity transactions; training requirements
Insurance producers are prohibited from soliciting the sale of an annuity product unless the producer has adequate knowledge of the product to recommend the annuity and is in compliance with the insurer's standards for product training. And insurance producer who sells annuity products is required to complete a four credit training course approved by the Department of Insurance. Insurance produces who hold a life insurance line of authority on the effective date of this legislation are required to complete the training requirements within six months after the effective date. Information that must be included in the training is specified.

Next Step: Senate
Hearing Date: Not yet scheduled

HB2390: Postsecondary Education; Loan Info
A postsecondary educational institution that receives education loan information for a student enrolled in that institution is required to annually provide specified information on the loan payoff to the student.
Next Step: House Education

HB2414: Wage Disclosure; Employee Rights
Employers are prohibited from taking adverse employment action against an employee because the employee discloses his/her wage information, and from requiring an employee to sign a waiver or other document that prohibits such disclosure. Establishes penalties for violations.
Next Step: House Commerce
Hearing Date: TBD

SB1263: Housing Trust fund; Funding Sources
In the case of any conveyance of an Arizona real property interest, the title insurance company, title insurance agent or any financial institution or attorney that provides closing and settlement services is required to withhold an amount equal to two percent of the sales price of the Arizona real property interest conveyed or the net proceeds resulting from the conveyance, whichever is less, if the transferor is a foreign corporation that does not qualify by law to transact business in Arizona or another specified entity. Some exceptions. The monies are deposited as follows: 70 percent in the Housing Trust Fund and 30 percent in the Arizona Finance Authority Operations Fund.
Next Step: Senate Finance
Hearing Date: TBD

SB1265: State-owned Task Force
Establishes a 10-member State-Owned Bank Task Force within the Arizona Commerce Authority to evaluate the feasibility of establishing a state-owned bank and submit a report to the Governor and the Legislature by December 1, 2017. Self-repeals October 1, 2018.

Next Step: Senate Finance
Hearing Date: TBD